​​Reflexology - refresh, renew, revitalize and release toxins with Reflexology.  When you release your stress, you restore balance throughout your body.  I call this a massage without taking off your clothes.


6 - 1 hour Reflexology treatments, $360; save $60
6 - 1 hour Reflexology treatments with warm CoreStones $380; save  $70

3 - 1 hour Reflexology treatments, $180; save $30

3 - 1 hour Reflexology treatments with warm CoreStones $195; save $30

Refer a friend and get an additional $10 off!

Reiki- is a spiritually guided life energy which can promote deep peace and relaxation.


3 - Reiki sessions,  $200; save $40

6 - Reiki sessions , $420; save $60

Raindrop Aromatherapy Treatments - Raindrop Technique is an aromatherapy treatment utilizing 8 essential oils that work together to help relieve the many symptoms of Lyme Disease.  It is also very beneficial for seasonal allergies, detoxification, back pain and general well being.
6 - Raindrop Technique treatments, $400; save $80

3 - Raindrop Technique treatments, $200; save $40

Wellness Consultations - I can provide natural options to help you seek better health.  These options are not your typical Western medicine solutions, but more natural and holistic modalities.
Initial consultation - 20 minutes is complimentary
3- 1 hour sessions, $260; save $30

​Medical Intuitive Session - I can help you understand your physical, emotional and other challenges via a Medical Intuitive session.


3- 1 hour session - $280; save $20

These specials will be in effect for the entire month of February. 

Call me right away at 914-489-9149 and we can work on discovering your wellness from within.

Healing Path to Health is a premier healing and wellness practice, providing holistic solutions to the Hudson Valley region and beyond.

Seasonal Specials