​Spring is a perfect time to Detox! 

Energetically the body needs a refresh coming out of the winter season.  We also need to clean out the toxins that have accumulated during the winter season and give the body a reboot!

Starting March 20 - the first day of Spring - I am offering thefollowing 2 detoxing treatments of Reflexology and Raindrop Treatment in packages of 3.   

Both modalities offer the great benefit of detoxing, relaxing and rebooting the whole body system on all levels!

When you schedule the 3, 1 hour treatments of either one,  the 3rd one is free!  This is a great way to start the season of Spring!

I would be happy to talk to you more about the benefits of either modality!  

My energy healing treatments are very focused and in depth.  By combining my professional background as an RN with my healing modalities, it has enabled my clients to receive a deep feeling of relief, gratitude and options that help them on their healing path to health.


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