Mission: empowerment

Healing Path to Health owner Lorraine Cucci is the embodiment of traditional training combined with holistic healing and integrative wellness. 

A veteran practitioner and registered nurse, her private practice blends excellence in all areas of well being – with special emphasis on the energy and flow, and mind, body and soul connections.

A registered nurse for over 40 years, Lorraine has always been a natural healer –with the  expert ability to ease the pain of emotional and physical difficulties for her patients and her clients. Through the practice of Reiki, she can assist her clients by promoting comfort, stress reduction and accelerated healing. By marrying reflexology treatments with her nursing knowledge, along with Reiki and her natural intuitiveness, she guides her clients to return to a homeostasis, or normal and balanced body state.

As a Medical Intuitive, Lorraine moves beyond the aches and pains and disease state and into the source of her client’s illness. This can manifest with emotional, psychological or physical issues. She is an Integrative Healthcare strategist who helps clients make healthier choices related to their healthcare.  She emphasizes the critical nature of addressing the root cause of illnesses and not just the symptoms.  In a caring, relaxed and easy to understand manner, Lorraine assists her clients to fast track their path to healing.  She will provide her vast knowledge of medical information, as well as leading edge resources, to mitigate your side effects and maximize efficacy of your treatment.

Highlights of her degrees, certifications, training and licenses:

  • Registered Nurse based in Pleasant Valley | Poughkeepsie NY
  • Certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher
  • ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist (American Reflexology Certification Board)
  • NGH Board Certified Hypnotist (National Guild of Hypnotists)
  • Integrative Healthcare Practitioner Certification | Integrative Health and  Lifestyle Program (IHELP), University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Certificate in Medical Intuition
  • Certificate in Raindrop Technique
  • Certificate in Past Life Regression
  • Energetic Intuitive

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Lorraine is pure passion.  Her commitment to healing others – and leading them on a path to wellness and breakthroughs – is her signature style.  She believes in you!


Meet Lorraine

"My extensive background as a registered nurse, as well as an Energetic Intuitive specialist, allows me to assist my clients to realize the full potential of empowering themselves to heal and seek wellness from within.  My holistic healing and integrative wellness studio in Pleasant Valley (near Poughkeepsie) consists of treatment techniques that address the root causes of your ailment and can assist you to  release the blockages that get in the way - those in our bodies, contained in our chakras and auric fields (energy centers). 

Once these blockages are released, you can begin to feel a profound movement of energy and flow through your entire being. You can begin to heal and grow to the full potential of who you truly are, allowing you to fully live - and empower yourself to be in the here and now."