Medical Intuitive Healing

As a Medical Intuitive, Lorraine can view your “aura” - including energy centers, sometimes sensing darkness, or feeling and locating emotions or trauma that are the root cause of an illness or disease, manifesting as physical symptoms.  By discovering the essence beneath the client’s issues, a more complete understanding of the problem is found – and solutions explored.
DISCLAIMER:  Medical Intuition is not a substitute for medical care.  Its purpose is not to treat or diagnose any specific medical disorder, but to promote better health and well being. You should consult with the appropriate practitioner in case of any medical condition.


"Thank you so much for the recent session which helped me to release on an emotional level.”
PR, Walkill, NY

Medical Intuition is a form of energetic healing.  It accesses the mind-body connection and retrieves the hidden aspects of ailments or disease that Allopathic (traditional) medicine cannot discern with laboratory tests and procedures. 

Disease states can manifest with emotional, psychological or physical issues.  The Medical Intuitive moves beyond the aches and pains, beyond disease and ventures into the source illness. Medical Intuitives may work hand in hand with the medical world for the mutual benefit of all.  They also discover secret truths that are hidden within multidimensional patterns, vibrating in complex relationships with the human body.