Here and now can only be realized by the past. The intention of past life therapy is to help you live a more integrated life - to live in the moment, realize your connectivity to the universe and to participate in the creative flow that gives meaning to each instant of awareness.

Past life therapy is not only in the alleviation of symptoms, but a focus on dynamics and attitudes that are present.  Mental, emotional and physical levels often need to be unlocked – and past life therapy helps us to understand more profoundly the mind-body-spirit connection and how, as evolving souls, we are responsible for creating our universe for our own spiritual growth. Lessons of the past always support the future. With Lorraine’s special touch, you can discover the links that connect the spectrum of your being to today.

Past Life Regression


DISCLAIMER:   Past Life Regression is not a substitute for medical care.  Its purpose is not to treat or diagnose any specific medical disorder, but to promote better health and well being. You should consult with the appropriate practitioner in case of any medical condition.