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Meet Lorraine

Healing Path to Health owner and licensed practitioner Lorraine Cucci is the embodiment of traditional training combined with integrative health and wellness.


Lorraine's commitment to healing others - and leading them on a path to wellness and breakthroughs - is her signature style. Empowerment to change is her mission.

Reflexology    |    Reiki    |    Raindrop Treatment    |    Medical Intuitive Healing    |    Hypnosis 
Integrative Wellness Consultations    |    Past Life Regression   |   Home Harmonizing & Space Clearing

Healing Path to Health is a premier healing and wellness practice, providing holistic solutions to the Hudson Valley region and beyond.

Healing Paths

Healing Path to Health offers a wide array of services to help unlock the source of your blocks - and get you on your healing path. Try Reflexology, Reiki, Hypnosis and more.

Discover your wellness from within.

Welcome to Energy Healing.  How will it help you?

We are all energetic beings. Our thoughts, actions, feelings and beliefs are so powerful.  When we begin to feel high levels of stress or even pain, we can become blocked,  and that can manifest within us as serious imbalances, promoting stagnation and eventually becoming a malady, ailment or illness. That's where integrative wellness comes in.

Healing Path to Health discovers your balance from within, in a more holistic, organic and intuitive approach that taps into your own resources. We’ll start with your own internal compass and see where the journey takes you to healing.