"My extensive background as a registered nurse, as well as an Energetic Intuitive specialist, allows me to assist my clients to realize the full potential of empowering themselves to heal and seek wellness from within.  My energy healing consists of treatment techniques that address the root causes of your ailment and can assist you to heal and release the blockages that get in the way - those in our bodies, contained in our chakras and auric fields (energy centers). 

Once these blockages are released, you can begin to feel a profound movement of energy and flow through your entire being. You can begin to heal and grow to the full potential of who you truly are, allowing you to fully live - and empower yourself to be in the here and now."


Lorraine is pure passion.  Her commitment to healing others – and leading them on a path to wellness and breakthroughs – is her signature style.  She believes in you!


I had a Raindrop Treatment with Lorraine that was AWE-some! The effects are wonderfully cleansing and clearing, not to mention relaxing! Good also for inflammation, detoxing physically, emotionally and energetically.”
-- KG  Hopewell Junction 

Thank you, Lorraine, for your healing touch. My self care with her has allowed me to receive nurturance. When my body is soothed, my heart sings and I can give to another again. Give, receive, give, receive is a rhythm that allows an everlasting flow. ”
 --NF, Newburgh NY

Lorraine is a very talented Reflexologist, even one session with her will bring a new level of healing. You’re going to have this one body your entire life, doesn’t it make sense to take the best care of it that you can?”
-- KG, Hopewell Junction NY



“I could not make it without you and your talents.”
-- RM, Newburgh, NY

“I highly recommend you contact Lorraine for a session!”
-- KG, Hopewell Junction, NY

Client Love

Lorraine is a wonderful Reflexologist! I highly recommend her treatments....they do wonders to relax and activate the body's own healing energy.”
--PG, Fishkill, NY

Thank you for the amazing reflexology sessions…they are truly life savers.  When I am having trouble with my neuropathy, I immediately call you. After you have once again repaired me and given me "Happy Feet" I am good to go!”
-- RM, Newburgh, NY

Lorraine is a very talented Medical Intuitive. Thank you so much for the recent session which helped me to release on an emotional level.”
-- PR, Walkill, NY

Thank you Lorraine for your talent and dedication to what you do! Lorraine hit on so many things there’s no way she would have known, the insights she provided were “spot on” and what I needed to hear. ”
-- KG, Hopewell Junction, NY

Real people say it best

My Reflexology sessions with Lorraine were fabulous!  She helped me to relax and experience a good night's sleep. I feel less stressed….it was the best investment I've made.”
-- DG, Pleasant Valley, NY

Lorraine is a truly gifted, down to earth healer. Her humility and compassion make her a joy to be around.”
-- KG, Hopewell Junction, NY

Lorraine explained the entire Reiki and Reflexology process and made me feel very comfortable. When she was done, my leg pain from surgery was gone and its’ still that way. If you have not tried it, it’s really great, relaxing, calming and I will do it again.”  
-- GP, New Windsor, NY