Lorraine's Blog 2018

New Beginnings for Autumn

September 2018

Happy Autumn! It has been a terrific summer and by that I mean it has been a time for much self-reflection and endings.  I have made a personal life changing event by pursuing an early retirement from my Monday thru Friday corporate job.  This has enabled me to now devote more time to my passion; my business Healing Path to Health. 

For those of you who have “retired” from your primary careers to pursue your passion career, you can relate. It has opened up a whole new dimension with how I perceive my life, my schedule, when I get up in the morning, when I go to bed.  My “job” that used to be a priority along with the grueling commute, is no longer important.  I am very grateful, however  that my job allowed me to be in this current position with my benefits.  It is quite a new sensation and I am loving it!  I have to admit that it  took several weeks to “detox” myself with the work mindset, however it has been wonderful!  People have told me that post-retirement you will be even busier than you were when you were working.  That has been true to some extent, however it has enabled me to clear my mind and allow other valuable thoughts to occupy its space.  No regrets from me!  I am totally enjoying the experience. 

At this point, I feel that if you can follow your dreams, dive in and go for it!  This opportunity gives you a whole new perspective of your life and who wouldn’t want that?  Yes, there are challenges and maybe obstacles, however overcoming them and giving yourself the confidence to accomplish your dreams can be very well worth it! 

 My immediate plans are to go on an enjoyable vacation and visit family and then come back with a renewed sense of purpose.  I am so excited to pursue and expand my passion.  Look out world, here I come!


Medical Intuitive Healing

July 2018

I usually write about health information on my blog.  This month, I am taking a different approach.  I would like to bring into the light my ability to help clients utilizing my Medical Intuitive gift.  When I talk to people about my business and what I do, sometimes I get responses of “I know what that is” or “What is that and how can that help me”?  So for those of you who may not fully understand what happens during a Medical Intuitive session, I would like to give you a clearer understanding of it and how it can benefit you.

We are energetic beings and what I mean by that is that we are made up of energy.  Our auras, which are bands of energy, surround our body and link with our chakra energy bodies.  These auras are made up of many layers and I like to compare them to an onion.  Our aura  consists of our emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, psychological beliefs and is inclusive of what we bring from our parents and ancestors and past lives.

A client that takes part in a Medical Intuitive session will be informed of this so that they can understand where their issues/challenges may reside.  I cannot diagnose any illness, however I can identify where a “density” or “blockage” may be concentrated in a person’s body.  I do connect with the person energetically and in most cases I am able to identify and note these densities or blockages.  If a person is blocked within their mind, it can be very difficult to connect with their energy.  So the person must be receptive to being open during the session.  

During a Medical Intuitive session, I can receive the client’s information in several ways; via feelings, colors, words, or pictures.  I have blank outlines of a person on paper during my session, which I can use to draw and show the client what information I am receiving for them.  This is very useful and the client can take this home to look at and review after the session is over.  The information that I receive is given to the client in a very calm, and benevolent manner.  If a strong message is needed, I can convey that as well.  The client may also have questions related to their information and I will always make sure that I can receive the answers for them.  

I have been aware of this gift for as long as I can remember and the feedback from clients has been incredible!  My goal here is for my client’s to receive the information that they need on a very deep energetic level to assist and reveal what is troubling them or causing physical and or emotional challenges.  This is a chance to understand themselves better and work towards their healing.  

As a human being, we are in this body, dealing with the challenging situations that we may encounter day to day.  We are also facing deeper challenges, which we may or may not be aware of and can cause us from moving forward in a healthy and constructive manner.  

I believe that the Medical Intuitive modality is an incredible treatment option to consider for yourself and I am here to help you in any way that I can on your Healing Path to Health.

​​Tis the Season for the Ticks!

June 2018

Are you ready for the Summer?  Are you dreading those nasty ticks?

We have been forewarned by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention experts that there has been an increase in vector borne diseases, such as tick bites, in the US.  It seems that as we experience warmer winters, the spring and summer months bring an increase in the tick population.  The Hudson Valley is a known “hot spot” for Lyme Disease.  
If you are like me, I like to be outdoors as much as possible.  However, I want to make sure that I take precautions and protect myself against receiving any tick bites.  So how can we enjoy the summer and the outdoors, but remain tick free?

There are measures that you can take to protect yourself and you can do so by taking the following steps:
1. When you go hiking stay on the center of trails and paths and avoid vegetation.  Wear light colored long sleeve shirts and pants and tuck the cuffs of the pants into your light colored socks.  There is permethrin treated clothing that can repel the ticks.  The other option is to spray the permethrin directly on your clothing.  

2. If you don’t wear a long sleeve shirt or long pants, there are natural sprays that can be used to repel ticks.  The CDC recommends sprays that contain picaridin or lemon eucalyptus in them. You can also use sprays with essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and my personal favorite, geranium oil.  I have used geranium oil for the last 10 years and have remained tick free, even when I go into my backyard.  Geranium oil is safe to use and can be made into a spray and applied on any part of the body, including hair.  It is also safe for pets and children and smells very pleasant.

3. Do a thorough tick check when you are done with all of your activities.  Special attention should be taken to check your head, behind the ears, in the ears, back of neck, armpits, groin and in between toes.  Place the clothes that you wore directly into a very hot wash and then into the dryer on a very hot temperature.  That will successfully kill any ticks that may be lingering on your clothes.

4. If you have a lawn around your home, keep the grass short and utilize tick spray to prevent ticks from getting close to your home.  I have a lawn service come in every season and spray several times during the summer and fall.

5. If you do find a tick on your skin and you can’t flick it off your body, DON”T PANIC!  The best way to remove a tick is to get a fine point tweezer and grasp the tick near its head.  Pull away gently so that you remove the tick without crushing it. Place the tick in a container with rubbing alcohol.  Clean the area with either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.  You also want to check the site for the next 30 days for any signs of a rash, typically a “bulls eye” rash.  I would also make sure that you let your health care provide know that you have been bitten by a tick and bring the container with the tick for further analysis.

6. Last but not least, BE VIGILANT when you are outside since the ticks are everywhere!  Noticing a tick on our bodies is very scary, however being proactive and alert is key to prevention of Lyme Disease.

If you need further help on your Healing Path to Health, I am here to support you!

Love our Feet this Summer
May 2018

We are inching very slowly to the warmer weather and maybe soon it will be what Spring is supposed to be.   I have already seen people in shorts and flip-flops, and like most of us I am ready to have my bare feet exposed in sandals. The majority of us are looking at our feet and saying “How can I get my feet in sandal ready shape?”  I am a Certified Reflexologist, and my clients are asking me “what is the best way to get my feet in better shape for the summer?”

Here are some quick and easy tips to follow:
1. Clean your feet with soap and water daily and dry them thoroughly between the toes to prevent fungal infections.
2. Consider going for a professional pedicure to remove unwanted dry and flaky skin and smooth callouses.
3. Keep toenails trimmed and moisturize daily with lotions containing shea or cocoa butter or oils such as coconut or olive oil. I keep my feet moisturized with a lotion containing shea butter.
4. You will also want to keep a check on any infections that might start. I use essential oils on my feet daily to keep those nasty bugs away.
Once we are get our feet in shape, what kind of flip-flops or sandals should we wear?

I see a lot of young people wearing the inexpensive and flimsy flip-flops that have minimal to no support.  It is so important to wear a shoe that provides good arch support.  Lack of good arch support in a flip-flop or sandal can lead to many issues, including pain, calluses, muscle cramps, back problems and Plantar Fasciitis.  When you wear flip-flops that offer little padding and no shock absorption, the foot will hit a hard surface over and over, which can lead to inflammation and pain.  The ligament like band that stretches from the heel to the ball of the foot can become painful/inflamed.   This will result in Plantar Fasciitis.  I have treated clients who have experienced Plantar Fasciitis and most have worn shoes that offer minimal arch support.  I know it is so convenient to just grab those favorite flip-flops and head out the door, but in the long run it is worth the problems down the road to not wear the right kind of foot support? 

So let’s bare our feet and give healthy support to our bodies!   I am here to help you discover your wellness from within.

Spring Awakening and Allergies

April 2018

Since my last blog in March, we have experienced some very volatile weather.  Even the birds and plants are so confused.  Is this really Spring?  We have also been experiencing our own energy shifts with these seasonal changes.  So my feeling is, yes it is Spring, even though it doesn’t feel like it. I have already heard of people talking about how their seasonal allergies are already kicking in.  So as someone who did experience some springtime allergies last year, what can we do to alleviate some of these allergies?
First of all, if you live in the Hudson Valley, this region is known to be a hotbed of allergies.  In order to lessen the effects of allergies, many of us may have gone through weekly allergy injections to build up a tolerance against targeted irritants.
However, a more natural and holistic approach can be more beneficial.
Allergies can take many shapes or forms.  A good place to start is to find out if you have any food allergies.  This can be done by a very simple blood test.  Another trigger is pollen, which unfortunately cannot be avoided in the Hudson Valley.
Lastly, indoor toxins, such as cleaning chemicals, chemicals in carpets, paints, furniture, glues and resins, outdoor toxins (factory and automobile exhaust, pesticide sprays) and many other environmental chemicals can cause allergies.

Once you have ruled out or know what the causative allergies are, there are simple daily health habits that we can incorporate now to prevent or reduce our allergic response.

  • Strengthen your gut. 

It is important to do this since 85% of the immune system is in the intestines.  Also, reducing our intake of inflammatory foods can help us reduce the inflammatory process, which shows up as allergies.  Additionally, in order to assist with boosting the immune system in the gut, a daily immunobiotic or certain strain of probiotics will help. 
Probiotics are good bacteria, which help reset the bacteria balance and provide a protective barrier in the gut.  An efficient probiotic is one that can withstand stomach acids during digestion.

  • Supplementation with specific foods and vitamins. 

Vitamins C and D3 can promote improved immune system, balance and regulatory function of the immune system.  Magnesium can help relax airways and as a result decreases congestion. Magnesium can be found in bananas, bran, spinach and nuts.  Limes have a very high amount of bioflavonoids or natural antihistamines that can decrease allergy symptoms.
Quercetin, is an antioxidant in the bioflavonoid family.  Scientific evidence suggest it can prevent the release of histamine, which causes sneezing and itching.  Quercetin is found in black tea, citrus fruits, pineapples.  Fermented foods such as high quality yogurts, kefirs and sauerkrauts with no added sugars, high quality miso and kvass are also good to eat in order to reduce allergic reactions.

These are all good supplements/foods to take prior to the beginning of allergy season.  As with any holistic treatment, it is important to bring the body in a balanced state before the allergies begin. 

 In addition to the nutritional components of treatment for seasonal allergies, other considerations include:

  • Reducing stress levels - this can be done by incorporating daily habits such as mediation, exercise, adequate sleep.

Meditation and yoga, in a relaxing way with slow deep breathing and the intention to release and relax the nervous system, can be beneficial in decreasing the symptoms of allergies.

  • Nasal wash is the use of a neti pot to cleanse the nasal passages.  Nasal washing thins the mucus in the nasal cavity and as a result makes it flow more easily out of the body and removes bacteria allergens and the irritants that cause problems.
  • Modalities such as Acupuncture, and Reflexology can also help assist in the relief of allergies.  Both modalities have been found to significantly relieve allergies when done on a consistent basis.

Spring is a time of awakening of Mother Nature and all her beauty, however even though we might be reactive to seasonal allergies, we can be prepared to lessen the effects that it may bring. 

 Wishing you much health on your Healing Path to Health!

Spring...is it really around the corner?

March 2018

The signs of Spring are actually "springing" around us.  A few weeks ago, I saw a pair of Red Robins perched on a branch of a tree in my backyard.  Even though the temperatures were below freezing and there was snow on the ground, I felt optimistic that Spring would be here soon.  The Spring Equinox is officially here on March 20 and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival.  I really have had enough of the snow and cold weather.

So how can we prepare ourselves for this yearly Spring Equinox?  A good place to start is with a cleanse or detox.  As a time of renewal after a long winter, Spring brings a re-birth of life.  We are also bringing our bodies "back to life".  A cleanse can consist of different methods.  Most people think of a cleanse as a program of smoothies or drinks that can be taken or a period of time.  A cleanse can be beneficial to remove our bodies of unwanted toxins that may come from our food, environment or products that we apply to our skin.  Toxins can build up in our bodies, especially in our liver.  The liver's job is to rid our bodies of toxins and if we don't properly take care of ourselves, problems can arise.

There are some practices that we can perform on a daily basis to gently cleanse our bodies:

  • In the morning, before we eat it is a good practice to drink a glass of filtered water with the juice of 1 fresh squeezed lemon.  We can also drink this throughout the day.
  • It is important to focus our diets on eliminating toxic oils, such as vegetable oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed and canola oils.  The better oils to reduce toxicity in our bodies are extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and hemp and flaxseed oils.
  • Teas, such as green teas are good detox teas.
  • In order to reduce inflammation, a good practice is to eat a more alkaline diet.  You can do this by increasing your intake of vegetables, herbs and some fruits.  Elimination of white sugar, white flour and bread is very important to also reduce inflammation.  You can replace the white flour and bread with bread made of almond, coconut, spelt or kamut flour.
  • Taking a daily probiotic supplement will support a good immune system and maintain good digestive bacteria.
  • Eating a moderate amount of organic meats, poultry and fish.
  • Spending more time outside in Mother Nature, meditating daily, taking deep breaths to reduce stress and bringing more gratitude in our lives.

As an Integrative Healthcare practitioner, I strongly recommend some of my healing modalities.  A very beneficial modality is Reflexology.  What can Reflexology do that can assist in your cleansing?  Simply, Reflexology does the following:

  1.  Promotes stress reduction throughout the entire body, which will result in relaxation.
  2.  It will naturally promote balance and normalization or "homeostasis" of the body and ultimately improves   its natural self-healing function.
  3.  By stimulating the process of elimination, it will cleanse the body (detoxification) and ultimately improves its natural self-   healing function.
  4.  Additionally, it stimulates the body's circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all cells of the body.

When the body returns to a more balanced state, it will heal itself.

Let's be in the best possible place for Spring by helping ourselves on our Healing Path to Health!

Celebrate love...and you
February 2018

It’s February, the month we celebrate LOVE!  I have said it so many times, we should be showing our love everyday, not just for a special day or period of time.  You may ask how can we show our love?   We should first start with ourselves.  It can be so easy to say, “I love myself”, however showing the love is easier said than done! 

 We neglect ourselves in the following ways; not eating a nutritionally balanced diet, undergoing high levels of daily stress, not exercising or allowing ourselves to spend time to recharge and relax.  Our constant daily stressors of family, work and or school will take a toll on our health.  In turn they may harm our mind, body and spirit.  When this happens, our bodies will start to break down and illnesses will appear.  If we don’t mindfully help ourselves, we may be faced with chronic illnesses such as heart disease. 

What can I do to love myself more?  It can start with simple fixes such as getting more rest and sleep, and eating a more nutritionally balanced diet.  A more alkaline based diet and eliminating processed foods will keep your body in an alkaline state. These measures will help to keep diseases away.  Additionally, are you allowing yourself more time to be in your own space and relax?  Meditation is a great practice and studies have shown that with regular meditation, a person can lower their blood pressure, heart rate and improve overall health. 

One of my personal favorites is the App “Calm”.  It will allow you to do a short meditation with various beautiful scenes and music. Another practice that I do daily is “Mindfulness”.  This practice helps you relax by focusing on your breath.  If you are in a stressful situation and you can’t meditate, taking at least 5 deep breaths is very helpful and allows yourself to calm down.

Other natural modalities, which can provide stress reduction include Massage, Yoga, Reflexology, Reiki, and walking outdoors.  By being outdoors, you can connect with Mother Nature and allow yourself to become more grounded. My favorite place is anywhere where there is a body of water or hearing the sounds of ocean waves.

So let’s start spreading the love and make sure it starts with you!  I am also available to help you on your Healing Path to Health in order to love yourself.

Resolutions, do we really need them?
January 2018

Here we are, 2018 - can you believe it?  I remember it was just the summer and we were enjoying the beautiful sunshine and warm weather. 

So here we go again, the start of a brand new year!  I have a question for you, are you going to make any resolutions again for 2018?  For myself, I gave up on making resolutions years ago.  I now make intentions versus resolutions.  This seems to work much better for me since intentions are more realistic and I can focus on several for the short term.

For 2017, I read a marvelous book “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn.  After reading the book, I had a much better grasp of the “law of attraction” and how I could manifest my intentions.  I decided to write down each one of my intentions on separate pieces of paper.  I made it a priority to read each intention daily.  This way I could remind myself and re-focus daily on what I needed to bring into my life. 

You may ask, did it work?  The answer is yes!  I was able to successfully manifest several intentions right away and prioritize my short term plans for an answer to my future retirement plans.  For 2018, I have already composed my intentions and I look forward to manifesting my dreams. 

The question now is - should you ditch the resolutions?  I suggest making the resolutions more tangible and by manifesting them as intentions, you will be able to do so.  If you need some assistance, I would be more than happy to help you reach your goals. 

Be focused on your healing path to health in 2018!